Outlook Automation

Outlook Automation 1.0

Easy implementation of buttons and popups in Outlook's Menu Bars
1.0 (See all)

Outlook Automation is inspired to enhance Microsoft Outlook by offering an easily implemented class radically simplifying the otherwise rather tedious (and error-prone) implementation of buttons and popups in Outlook's Menu Bars.

Outlook Automation's purpose accomplishes the following essential steps:

- It checks whether the user has provided non-empty captions for a single custom menu button and/or a custom popup menu item and the associated pull-down menu items.
- It either marshals to an already running instance of Outlook or creates a new instance of Outlook (there can only be one running at a time).
- It ensures that the requested menu items are added to the "Main Menu" commandbars of the Outlook application (for both explorer and inspector instances).

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